Our Philosophy

Children who have known respect will value themselves and others.

Children are individuals with unique talents, interests and aspirations.  My role is to nurture their curiosity, creativity and self-esteem.  I achieve this by providing a stimulating, healthy and caring environment.  I believe that children learn the best by experiencing, wondering, experimenting and playing.  We are flexible in our schedule.

Children are active.  They need to stand, hop, step, jump, roll, tumble, leap and run.  The desire to know and explore actively is the essence of childhood.  Children’s energy is the motivation to discover, to try, to understand and to learn.

The world we live in is an amazing and wonderful place.  We are especially lucky to live in this beautiful city where we have access to an abundance of greenery and moderate temperatures.  Fresh air and exercise are very important to healthy child care growth and development.  I stand by saying “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”.

Children attend childcare not only because both parents work but also because parents are recognizing the importance of providing their child with a social experience.  Children learn, sharing, empathy, patience, compromise and problem solving skills through all the activities that we do.  The most important priority in our day is to have fun and stay safe.