The main goal in this family childcare is to have fun, improve social skills and encourage creative expression. We will use a variety of activities to accomplish this goal. Free play, reading & storytelling, creative arts, dancing, dramatic play/pretend are just some of the activities we will be doing.

The children have the option to do art everyday however, it is never imposed. For young children, art is a way for them to communicate how they think and feel, what they believe, and a means to learn.

The focus is on the creative process, not the finished product. The process is where the learning occurs. Art will be child-centered. To achieve this, we have installed an open-ended art shelf. There will always be a variety of paper, small and large felt pens, crayons, pencil crayons and scissors available.

Children’s literature is also a big part of our day. I do not hold a scheduled circle time however I do have storytime for many reasons throughout the day including to quiet things down, explore the children’s interest in a topic and admire the illustrations. The children are free to listen and look or if not interested they can play with something else.

Since, I am working by myself I do sometimes allow the children to watch a little television so that I can eat lunch or prepare the nap mats. We watch no more than half an hour of television per day. Viewing will be limited to child-friendly programs and other educational-style videos.